Do you want to get well?

Listen to this powerful sermon by Pastor Dewayne Rembert entitled "Do You Want to Get Well?" (John 5:1–24). Many have been in the muck of sin too long. The Lord is simply awaiting the time the person will turn to Him and trust in Him fully!

Delivered: August 25, 2019

Hear and Live!

Pastor Dewayne Rembert brings a message from John 5:24–47 that gives the divine warning concerning how Jesus does not desire us to only hear His word. The Lord desires us to both hear His word and actually believe in Him--two ingredients that bring about life.

Delivered: September 2, 2019

In the Middle of the Sea

Pastor Keelan Adams brings up so many significant points through John's account of Jesus' miracle of walking on water in this sermon entitled "In the Middle of the Sea." We are sure you will be encouraged by this message!

Delivered: September 15, 2019

False Assumptions About the Bread of Life

In the text of this sermon (John 6:41–51), Christ is sure to correct any misunderstandings concerning His divine person. In this sermon entitled “False Assumptions About the Bread of Life,” Pastor Keelan Adams expounds on 3 false assumptions: Familiarity, willpower, and singular profession. This sermon will bless listeners in a variety of ways and also shed much light on false assumptions some may have of the God-man, Jesus Christ.

Delivered: October 13, 2019