The Blind Miracle

 Sometimes we can be so distracted by paying attention to the mat that we miss the miracle. We can be working overtime at devoting our attention to the pandemic and the havoc it is wreaking upon our nation. We really should focus upon the Son of God and what He is seeking to accomplish in and through us in these tumultuous times. This sermon entitled “The Blind Miracle” by Pastor Dewayne Rembert will bless you as it is a fresh and relevant perspective from God’s word for our current times.

Believe in His Word

 Some of the very ones who received Jesus were, in the end, the ones who rejected Him as Lord and Savior. We should not merely receive Jesus as we find in John 4. The reception of the Son of God must be accompanied with a genuine and firm belief in Him! It would do you well to give an ear to this sermon entitled “Believe in His Word” by Pastor Keelan Adams.

Passage: John 4:43–54

Delivered: August 18, 2019

Just Mercy (Part II)


The Lord indeed displayed just mercy as He allowed the Jewish leaders to express their unbelief and blaspheme the Son of God while in His very presence. But, will our response be criticism, laughter, or a simple “yessir” in answering God concerning His will for your life. Pay attention to the response of the Jewish leaders, Sarah, and Abraham in this sermon by Pastor Dewayne Rembert.

John 8:39–59 cf. Gen 18:1–14

Delivered March 8, 2020

Just Mercy (Part I)

God is indeed just. He is also so loving and grants us mercy. We see this displayed in Christ's dialogue with the Pharisees. Tune in to this sermon by Pastor Dewayne Rembert entitled "Just Mercy."

Passage: John 8:38–59

Delivered: March 1, 2020

Obey the Voice of God

Generally speaking we all desire to obey God. But are there steps involved in running the opposite direction of God when he tells us to simply obey His voice? Tune in to this sermon by Pastor Keelan Adams as he encourages us to "Obey the Voice of God."

Break the ropes

This timely message will help believers in Christ to rely fully on Him to guard their hearts and minds against the deceptiveness of sin. Listen as Pastor Dewayne Rembert delivers this sermon "Break the Ropes."

Delivered January 19, 2020

Wounds of the offended

Do you have deep-seated spiritual wounds from which you have never recovered? Have they been around so long that they are festering and impacting your walk with God? Pastor Dewayne Rembert gives us practical steps to deal with such issues in this message "Wounds of the Offended."

Delivered: January 12, 2020

Passage: Matthew 24:10–13

The Jury Is Gone!

Where are those who can condemn? Where are those who can accuse? No one can do either of these because, praise God, the jury is gone! You will be blessed indeed from this message by Pastor Dewayne Rembert.

Passage: John 8:1–11

Delivered: December 22, 2019

Do You Really Know?

Many of the people in Israel, especially the Pharisees, begin to show that they don’t really known God.  Their intimacy with both He and His Father is not present in their hearts. Do we find ourselves in the same place? Do we know fabricated adages and sayings about the Bible but don’t really know the word of God from studying ourselves? This sermon from Pastor Dewayne Rembert will truly challenge us regarding these questions. Tune in!


John 7:19–36

Delivered: December 8, 2019

Right Hiding vs. Wrong Hiding

 There is a correct way to hide and a wrong way to hide. Pastor Dewayne Rembert poses a question: Are you hiding from God or are your hiding in God? Christ knew exactly what He was doing when He decided not to go up to Jerusalem publicly with His very own biological brothers. He knew that every move He made had to do with God’s timing. Allow God’s word to bless you through this message entitled “Right Hiding vs. Wrong Hiding.”

 Passage: John 7:1–18

Delivered: December 1, 2019

Walking with Him No More

Although there were many disciples who were honest enough to express their outright disapproval of Christ’s teaching due to their carnal minds, there are still confessional counterfeits who may remain until the end. Only God’s timing will reveal that long ago they rejected God’s word. Listen carefully to this sermon from John 6:60–71 entitled “Walking With Him No More” by Pastor Keelan Adams.

Delivered : November 24, 2019

Passage: John 6:60–71

No Intimacy, No authority

If one is not intimate with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) there is no guarentee that he will have power to fight against the unholy trinity (world, flesh, and devil). Be equipped in God's word as Pastor Dewayne Rembert brings this message entitled "No Intimacy, No Authority."

Let No Man Put Asunder: Marriage As Covenant (Part III)

In this final sermon in the marriage series "Let No Man Put Asunder" Pastor Keelan Adams emphasizes the importance of understanding marriage as a divine covenant before God. We encourage you to listen to this message entitled "Marriage As Covenant."

Delivered: November 10, 2019

Let No Man Put Asunder: Designed for Each Other (Part II)

God in His creative genius designed man and woman to complement the other. This in and of itself demands a level of obedience to God from both man and woman. I know you will be blessed as Pastor Keelan Adams delivers part 2 from the sermon series “Let No Man Put Asunder” with a message entitled “Designed for Each Other.”

Delivered: November 3, 2019 

Let No Man Put Asunder: God Is the Author of Marriage (Part

God is the author of marriage in spite of what the world thinks. This truth of authorship causes marriage to be a divine institution that is to be taken seriously. In addition, there is more to marriage than only relegating man to be the provider of the home. He should download the “APP.” Find out what the “APP” is by tuning in to this marriage series from Pastor Keelan Adams.

Delivered: October 27, 2019

The Forever Blessing


We need to be sure to have our focus upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not get distracted. Also, take care that you are not swayed by those who distort the teachings of Scripture. Be focused upon “The Forever Blessing” and not just today’s manna. Allow the Lord to bless you this day through this message entitled “The Forever Blessing.”

Delivered: October 20, 2019

False Assumptions About the Bread of Life


In the text of this sermon (John 6:41–51), Christ is sure to correct any misunderstandings concerning His divine person. In this sermon entitled “False Assumptions About the Bread of Life,” Pastor Keelan Adams expounds on 3 false assumptions: Familiarity, willpower, and singular profession. This sermon will bless listeners in a variety of ways and also shed much light on false assumptions some may have of the God-man, Jesus Christ.

Delivered: October 13, 2019

In the Middle of the Sea


Pastor Keelan Adams brings up so many significant points through John's account of Jesus' miracle of walking on water in this sermon entitled "In the Middle of the Sea." We are sure you will be encouraged by this message!

Delivered: September 15, 2019

Hear and Live!


Pastor Dewayne Rembert brings a message from John 5:24–47 that gives the divine warning concerning how Jesus does not desire us to only hear His word. The Lord desires us to both hear His word and actually believe in Him--two ingredients that bring about life.

Delivered: September 2, 2019

Do you want to get well?


Listen to this powerful sermon by Pastor Dewayne Rembert entitled "Do You Want to Get Well?" (John 5:1–24). Many have been in the muck of sin too long. The Lord is simply awaiting the time the person will turn to Him and trust in Him fully!

Delivered: August 25, 2019